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Chrome Plated Interior/Exterior Products

Industrial Reflections, is a Michigan based mirror manufacturer providing unbreakable, highly polished chrome plated carbon steel mirrors and other architecturally designed products for a multitude of industries and home décor applications.

These IR products reflect true to image coloring and size and are a beautiful addition to interior decorations both at home and in any office venue.  The highly reflective qualities of our products will compliment a variety of interior spaces and last a lifetime.

The ultimate in durability and low maintenance, Industrial Reflections Steel Products maintain their brilliant reflective qualities and structural integrity where glass, acrylic or even polished stainless steel mirrors deteriorate.

Our products are an excellent choice for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.  Some of these areas include, washrooms, laundry rooms, locker rooms, kitchens, food service, manufacturing and general inspection areas for almost any industry.  These reflective qualities also provide for an additional layer of security where public venues require the added attention of safety, theft and vandalism.

Our products can be customized to replace any flat application in the toughest environmental conditions imaginable.  All of our chrome plated metal is corrosion resistant therefore ideal for wet and humid conditions that might exist both in-doors and out.


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